Lent 29 ~ Something From Above


The LORD spoke to Ahaz, saying:
Ask for a sign from the LORD, your God;
let it be deep as the nether world, or high as the sky!
But Ahaz answered,
“I will not ask! I will not tempt the LORD!”   ~  Isaiah 7: 10 – 12


          My heart skips a beat when I see the first lines of the First Reading of the Feast of the Annunciation today. There have been many times when I have asked for a sign from God for the journeys ahead of us but they have always been in anxiety and with a touch of fear.

          Not so today. Today, I kneel at my Lord’s heart with joy and hope, putting forth that timeless entreaty,

Will You give me a sign, O Lord?

One from You and only You, my LORD and my God;

Let it be deep as the nether world, or high as the sky!

          It’s true that I ask for a sign in joy and hope that has been freshened by the dew of an early dawn. But despite our Thursday miracle, I’m still seeking the sign of morning come, glorious in its burst of gold and tangerine and rose. It is the morning foretold years ago for every one of us, of a time of enduring peace and joy. In mid January, seconds after awakening came an early morning word,

Something from above is coming.

 In May.

          Will this mystical morning begin its ascent in May? Will this May coming be positive or otherwise? I have no answers. What I do know is that when God calls us to obedience, it is a call that must be answered. And no longer a slave to fear, I seek to answer God’s call in hope and in joyful anticipation.

          And so, I ask for a sign.

As deep as the nether world,

or as high as the sky,

From the Lord my God.




    1. That’s a lovely offering of roses for Our Lady, Val. Each one of those blooms She will tuck into Her maternal heart. The significance of May as Our Lady’s month and the word I heard makes me believe that if there is to be a sign, it will be of Mother Mary. This world so needs to know that it has a heavenly Mother who Loves us all.


    1. This weary world needs the light of heaven to fall into hearts. Often people vex us simply because they have forgotten how to love and forgotten what it means to be loved. I imagine that if God could just send a touch of love into hearts, this earth would change.


      1. Yes, I agree, Caitlynne. This world is full of wounded, hurting people. I always thought that people who are hurting tend to lash out due to their own pain. It helps me to remember we never know what is going on in the hearts of others – even those people we think we know well.

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