Lent 30 ~ Little Buds


To do your will, O my God, is my delight,
and Your law is within my heart!

~  Psalm 40: 9


          Would that day ever come, when like the saints, joy floods me as I go to my Lord’s bidding? As long as God’s will aligns with mine, I am pliant to His call. But when the roads diverge, the struggle begins. The whining, the pleading, the bargaining.

         Still, there must be a starting point somewhere for everything. Therefore, on this beautiful blue~gold day where the lightest winds tryst among tree friends and little birds tuck their chirps and whistles into the many blessed nooks of this earth, I ask for God’s grace to love His law and to love His will. The prayer comes easily enough for it has truly been a lovely day of rest and of a little work too, a day when happiness sings in the heart. Nonetheless, even if I should totter or fall when the inevitable storms reach my shores, this starting point will count for something because one of the things God has been teaching me this Lent is that He loves our starting efforts as much as He loves our long-haul faithfulness. Nothing is too small or too little for our Father.

          Because what we often forget is that all that’s needed are the little buds of our first Yes, for God will supply the rest.




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