Lent 27 ~ I Say, Rejoice!


Rejoice, the Lord is King:
Your Lord and King adore!
Rejoice, give thanks and sing,
And triumph evermore.
Lift up your heart,
Lift up your voice!
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice!   ~ Rejoice, the Lord is King, hymn by Charles Wesley


          Over and over, in a never-ending loop throughout the day, unseen voices sang this hymn in my inner ear. My heart had settled once more into a strange peace. Strange because it felt as if my heart was beyond any more troubling related to the issue we were facing as a family.

As if we had passed over something.

          Sure enough, the miracle we sought through St Joseph’s intercession came to fulfilment. Against all human hope, God worked a miracle.

          During the Hour of Grace today, the dawn broke, for our child and for us.

        Rejoice, again I say, rejoice! 




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