Lent 24 ~ God’s Nectar


          Today was a very busy work day and not everything went to plan. Still, it was one of those rare days when I was able to tell myself to stop work by slightly after 4pm. About 2 hours later, I had just snuck back to my laptop again, when my daughter called me outside to look at the sky. The late evening clouds were fuzzy yet shining at the edges with centres that glowed with hidden suns. It was so very beautiful, spilling a happy peace inside me. Suddenly, I wanted to be out myself, with my family, lounging around at the back.

          It was a school day and there was still so much to be done. We weren’t outside in the playful yellow-gold evening breezes for very long but it was long enough, I soon learned. I had time to take in the old swing gently sway in contentment beneath our old tree. Time to chat some more and listen to my children and husband as I swept the floors and neatened the space. Under the watchful gaze of those shimmering clouds, slowly slipping into orange ribbons, a sweet, lifting happiness found its way into me and all the tiredness of the day was gone.

          Sometimes, it just isn’t possible to spend a lot of time to rest in the way we want to. Sometimes, we hurt ourselves by expecting a long restful drink out of the cup of life and we withhold ourselves when we see that the cup isn’t as full as we want it to be. We deny ourselves that sip, training our sights instead on bigger things – longer time to relax, a fun activity ahead, a big trip.

          But ever so often, the angels offer us God’s nectar in tiny flower~cups. If we could just let go of ourselves a bit and lean down, I think we’ll find that a seemingly little bit goes a long way.


    1. I think it’s tied in with a grateful heart. When I’ve been grateful and thankful, even the little things bring joy and peace. I’m not as inclined to poke my head over the fence and long for other pastures!


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