Lent 25 ~ Slow the Horses


The latter days of summer are a good time to wash the heavy linens used in winter. A clothes line is quite handy for this. I have a line full of soft blankets now, that were hung in the early morning, when the day was new and the scent of the mimosa filled the air up. Hanging clothes out is a peaceful task – and you are liable to solve a problem or say a prayer while doing so. I have done both.   ~  Michele Warren, The Rabbitpatch Diary

          One of my faults is that I tend to rush through life. In the midst of doing something, in my mind, I am already chasing down the next thing. I seem incapable of quiet deliberation, focusing on one thing at a time. Maybe that’s one reason why I am often tired.

          Today, Michele Warren’s quote and Linda Raha’s post, The Coming of Spring, hold a teaching for me.

Bring presence into everything

          To quieten the unruly horses within me, I need to learn to restrain my inner presence to the present moment. To be in the moment and to be deliberate in what I am doing. It will not always be possible, I know. Thoughts are much like clouds, chugging and skitting from one port to another. But giving free rein to wild horses is to run many races in one day and that is never a good thing if it becomes a way of life. In a rush, we fail to notice the little wants and needs along the path of life. We will be too intent on covering the course to savour the little joys hidden along the way. Racing from one duty to the next, we risk training ourselves to always focus on the next thing, missing all that’s precious in the present.

Life is not always about the next thing. Often, it is about how we live the now.

          A new dawn slowly begins to light the eastern skies in gold. A busy day is ahead. Already I feel the day’s tension champing at the bit, waiting to be released in myriad ways. Today, like many others, it’s not possible to pare down the list of things to be done nor to reschedule.

          But maybe it isn’t about doing as little as I can in a day as much as it is about slowing my inner horses, bringing my whole presence into every little thing I need to get done today.

          Maybe it’s to be like the sun, moving deliberately and surely across the skies, in careful measuredness, till his work is done at the close of day.


  1. The pitfall in many relationships is communication. We fail to listen to what is being said and instead are formulating our response. This being one jump ahead is what trips us up… This post is a great reminder to slow down and listen to what is being said – God always is talking if we listen…

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    1. You’re right! The culture of rushing ourselves has far-reaching consequences. It gives us the illusion that we are achieving a lot, covering more ground, when in fact, we are regressing and losing more and more each day.


  2. Such a wonderful post! We all must slow the inner horses at times. In any given day, there is much to be done. And, it seems no matter the season of our lives, this is so. Yet, each and every moment of our lives is a blessing that will not return to us again. So, even in the midst of all of our doing, we must focus also on being aware of the momentary blessings. Perhaps, this is why we all love to watch birds…they teach us so much. They dart here and there, and are endlessly moving, but they bring us great peace watching them. It is because they appear to be so happy in their busyness, whether they are building a nest, or looking for something to eat. It is as if they flutter about in a state of pure joy…singing in the rain, bringing us music on a cold winter’s day.

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