Lent 19 ~ Eyes on God


          Last night, eyes of my heart moving over my day, I was chagrined to realise that my  hours could have been lived better. I had done little and accomplished even less. I had given in to sluggishness. I had not served my family as much as I should have. I had not spent enough time to listen and to enjoy them.

          I barely even heard the birds in the winds yesterday.

          I did not forget the rainbow message of the morn – to remember hope – but even as I held on to the promise of hope, I forgot to try to live that promise in a deeper way. Instead, I had allowed my weariness over my health issues to cloud my day. I allowed it to hold back more of myself from giving love to others.

          Today, I strongly sense that God must have watched me in my hours of yesterday. He must have observed me spend that time trying to hold on to hope by fighting my fears, suppressing my worries through positivity and some prayers.

          And surely, He knew that yesterday, I forgot the most important prayer of all – the prayer of holding His hand through my family.

          So, with the deepening of the night veils, He set about straightening my path.

          He brought me a week’s old post of Melanie Jean Juneau’s where she had written of a situation she was facing. Of the fear. Of trying to hold on to Jesus’ hand even as she tried to walk on water. Of feeling the waves rise higher and higher over her.

          Reading about it, pity and sympathy for a woman I admire so much pierced my heart and shocked me out of myself. Wanting to do something to help her, I bound  Melanie to the Passion of Christ, to His Blood and Water, in fervent prayer for mercy for her and for her family.

          I believe that prayer set me free. My health concerns paled in comparison to this pain. My eyes now just where He wanted them to be, God then set before me other posts – each bearing the message of keeping our eyes on the Lord as we walked on water towards Him.

          No spirit can turn away from such a powerful sign; neither could mine. I knew my Master’s sign the moment I perceived it. I understood His urgent call and my spirit surged towards the impossibility of what He was calling me to: walk on water.

          He’s not called a loving Father for nothing.

          God knew I would hurry to obey. But then, like Peter, I would suddenly take my eyes off Him and I would begin to sink quickly. And so, He showed me how He wanted me to keep my eyes on Him.

          …in the garden every morning are these exquisite blooms, ravishing roses, that are our beloveds …. As we step out each day, may we celebrate the blooms God has so graciously gifted us with.   ~   Linda Raha, Time Enough, Reflections From An Open Window

          God was telling me to return to my family. To love them. To serve them. As I cared for my beloved blooms, I would be keeping my eyes on Him and walking on water towards Him.

          That is how He wants me to remember hope.





  1. Oh, how deeply this post touched my heart! I too, have been struggling with health issues. Sometimes, we feel like we are alone in the wilderness. God always tends to us, and His angels surround us.He does give us signs; He lifts us up. As we walk in faith and take His hand, we must do as your post suggests…keep our eyes on Him. Our family and friends are God’s gifts to us…they remind us of how deeply our Father loves us. The community of our beloveds is an anchor for us; a place of rest and healing when we are weary.In the community of faith, we are each an anchor, one to another. Psalm 31:24: “Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.” And also, Psalm 147:11: “The Lord delights in those who…put their hope in his unfailing love.”

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    1. In the community of our beloveds, we are each an anchor, one to another.
      How beautifully you have expressed this truth. These days, I see more and more people seeking hope and healing and joy outside of the community of their beloveds. I know this is unavoidable for some, but there are others for whom family means little. May they see the Light some day and return home, where the heart should rest.
      I’m sorry to hear that you too have health issues that make you anxious. Just as your post did for me that night, I hope mine helps you. I will pray for you, Linda.


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