Lent 25 ~ Make Ready


I believe that He wants us to acknowledge that part of our life that could use some housecleaning to make room for Him to fill our spirits completely.  A Lenten sacrifice is an individual decision.  Each of us knows what we need to do to make ready for His Resurrection.   ~   Ellen Fassbender, Peaceful Heart, Open Mind 


          I think many of us would have had the acidic experience of having our unique  Lenten observances put under pious scrutiny, only to be proclaimed un-Lenten – just because they do not fit within common interpretations. Ellen Fassbender is one of two bloggers I know who cleans out cupboards and hold-alls as part of a personal Lent practice – all in the name of paring away, pruning and making space for the Risen Christ. Her different and gentle take on Lent is something I wish I’d known earlier because it would have helped my younger kids to prepare better and more meaningfully for Lent.

          But there’s still some long days left and I’m much grateful for Ellen’s wisdom.