1. It’s a challenge alright, Carol, especially when so much around us screams for attention.
      What I’ve learned is that when God tells me to be still, He will also show me how He wants it done. There are times when I can only quieten my inner heart by taking deeper care of my family. There are times when He wants me to sit in the garden – especially on days when it seems as if there’s just too much to be done, leaving little time for garden stops. But what was striking this Lent, in the past few days, is the call to rise earlier and to just sit still. When I wondered about how tired I was at work after that, God told me the solution was simply to go to bed earlier.

      So, it can be different ways to being still at different times.


      1. I absolutely agree with this. God has quietened me, spoken to me and guided me through phases – through a number of Christian songs. Till today, when I hear these songs, I remember the journeys and the lessons.

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