Lent 32 ~ Emmaus Ending


          We are ten days away from Holy Week. Just like that, Lent is almost at its end. My heart curls in a soft sadness at the thought of this ending. It’s as if I am to part with a friend who has grown so dear to me.

          Lent this year began with a prayer,

O Lord, make this Lenten season different from the other ones.

Let me find You again. Amen.

~  Henri Nouwen

Thus, from Ash Wednesday, I have been on a journey to find the Lord of my heart. So, so much has happened since that day, more than a month ago. Against all odds, I somehow managed to live in both the outside world of work and studies and in the hidden cloister of my soul, the winds of this life singing their many varying notes through the hours of the days, through each sunrise to sunset, each week, accompanying me from point to point in this special journey of seeking.

          Lent has turned out to be my road to Emmaus because Lent this year was not just an endeavour to seek out the voice of my Lord but a journey to actually finding Jesus. Although I know that this journey ends not with Easter but that it’s a journey of a lifetime, I feel as if this particular Emmaus of mine will inevitably come to a close when Lent ends.

          That is perhaps why the mists of light sorrow have begun wreathing the edges of my walk. They have sighted what I can only perceive in my spirit for now.

          That the lights of the world are nearing once more.




  1. Every day is a journey… sometime walking in search of God, often walking with Jesus, and sometimes walking carrying a cross. ❤ that you are walking toward instead of away from and that you have found Jesus walking with you!!

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    1. I don’t always see this light, though. In less than 2 weeks, I fear I will sense less of it as the brunt of work returns in full force. I pray and hope these past weeks have made me wiser, stronger and braver to cope, to withstand and to fight back when I need to.


      1. I pray that you feel this light always…may it shine within your heart on the hardest of days, may it illuminate your mind to imagine new beginnings. Focus on that light when the rains and tears come. Focus on it when it seems that all is lost. All is not lost. Nothing in this world can keep us apart from God and His Holy love and light. He is always there…always! (James 1:17: ‘God never changes’.)

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