Lent 14 ~ Voices in the Still


          These past weeks, despite the rains and wilding winds, the kingfisher’s call has resounded over and over again, bordering on urgency. So caught up in my studies and work, even as I noted the rising intensity of the blue~king’s calls, I could not pay it more attention.

          Until today. Having worked through the night and well into dawn, I sent in a submission at 4:30am and for the first time, felt a deep sense of joy and of completion, that I had given my all for this stage. The journey ahead is still long, much more work ahead, but in the oddest way, today I felt as if I’ve truly shut the door behind me at the end of one journey.

          Awakening from sleep later, I found the winds busy outside, rushing from tree to tree. Finally, temporarily freed from my studies and work, I could lean my entire heart against their soaring songs.

A peaceful quiet stole into my heart.

          It was in that quiet that I acknowledged the something was different about the kingfisher’s trill. Quieten down, listen up was being called out from among the trees with an unfamiliar insistence. As this settled in me, I realised too that the winds were matching this urgency, seemingly united in urging me to take heed.

          Then, into this stillness, came 3 voices,

Not much time left

Is it me….. Or are the skies alive of late?


          His work done, the small blue~caped emissary then fell silent.




  1. Last night after the Rosary Society meeting the sky was restless as if angels were filling the spaces between heaven and earth… I envisioned them scooping up the prayers and special intentions and bearing them to the feet of Jesus.

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    1. People are indeed sensing things. Thanks for sharing this beautiful understanding, Val. Even as the world grows more troubled, unfolding alongside it is beauty beyond compare.


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