Lent 10 ~ Apple of My Eye


And today the LORD has accepted your agreement:

you will be a people peculiarly His own…

~  Deuteronomy 26: 18


          Today, the words, And today the LORD has accepted your agreement, make me uncomfortable. I do know that I’m not the only one reading these verses. Yet, the niggling disquiet remains, telling me this is indeed for me. I wonder what agreement I’ve struck with the Lord. The only thing that comes to mind is, Lord, help me to love Thy crosses. The answer to my Lord’s asking? My agreement to it?

And today the LORD has accepted your agreement

          What have I done? I wonder in the deeps of my heart. To pray to love my crosses is one thing. To have the Lord answer that He has accepted the prayer sits comfortably with me as well. But the word, Agreement…. and everything turns inside out. It conjures up images of a lifetime of crosses. Suddenly, I’m not so sure.

And today the LORD has accepted your agreement

          What did I agree to, Lord? I am Peter once more, fear, doubts, wobbling will and all.

          My eyes are then drawn to the picture for this post. It certainly wasn’t one I had chosen. I had been going through photo after photo seeking that almost scarcely discernible, feather light movement in my spirit that gives its Yes to my seeking. None came. Till this one, this last apple on the tree, the thoughts of Eve and the biblical disobedience and the seeking to be like God coming like a train at me.

          Another memory. Apples appearing everywhere this Lenten season. Give me a sign, O Lord, I had prayed more than once. And it was the sign of apples.

          At that moment, the Yes for the picture for this post is given.

          Before I can even form the next question, a soft feather lightly drops on my heart,

Apple of My eye




  1. I love this. I often feel that I’m the last apple – the one passed over and left behind. But God works in mysterious ways and the last apple kissed by frost is often the sweetest…

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    1. Your words are so very beautiful and touching. I feel that way as well. I’m harvested just like the rest but when it comes to the test of what is seen on the outside, I’ve always failed. Just as you put it, passed over and forgotten.

      But not by God.

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