Lent 6 ~ Not Before Its Time


O Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Heaven

(Hymn from the Roman Brieviary, 5th century)

O Christ, whose glory fills the heaven, our only hope, in mercy given; Child of a Virgin meek and pure; Son of the Highest evermore:

Grant us Thine aid Thy praise to sing, as opening days new duties bring; that with the light our life may be renewed and sanctified by Thee.

The morning star fades from the sky, the sun breaks forth; night’s shadows fly: O Thou, true Light, upon us shine: our darkness turn to light divine.

Within us grant Thy light to dwell: and from our souls dark sins expel; Cleanse Thou our minds from stain of ill, and with Thy peace our bosoms fill.

To us strong faith forever give, with joyous hope, in Thee to live; That life’s rough way may ever be made strong and pure by charity.

All laud to God the Father be; All praise, Eternal Son, to Thee; All glory, as is ever meet, to God the Holy Paraclete.


          Some days can be so delightful and others, filled with hits and blows. From yesterday evening, it has been raining blows. From all angles, it appears. Hit after hit after hit.

          And yet, God allows this suffering.

A line from the hymn above called out to me lightly,

Grant us Thine aid Thy praise to sing

          How do I praise in this state of being so torn up and scratched? I wondered. Is it any surprise that I just cannot?

          Despite this, a small pinprick of light came through: I might not be able to pray a prayer of praise from the heart, but I could ask God to help me to love this cross. After all, it is He who has placed this cross upon me – and He must have good reason for it.

          With that, a tiny prayer curled its arms about me,

Jesus, help me Thy cross to love

          I could sense the storms rear back the moment I said the prayer.

          The next minute, however, the phone rang. Taking the call, the storms rose back in sweeping vengeance. Immediately, I understood the connection. It had been a call from someone, who without actually intending to, was trying to agitate me into taking a course of action which was not God’s will for us for the moment.

There was a strong and violent wind rending the mountains and crushing rocks before the LORD—but the LORD was not in the wind; after the wind, an earthquake—but the LORD was not in the earthquake; after the earthquake, fire—but the LORD was not in the fire…   ~   1 Kings 19: 11 – 12

          Although I firmly resisted, by indulging the person even for a while, I had stepped out of the cave before the intended time.

And fallen right back into where the waters were foaming and frothing.

          There is a reason why there’s a time for everything. Not a single minute can be delayed nor rushed ahead, for there will be consequences if we did. Even for actions which can seem good and right and the correct thing to do at the time, everything must be aligned with the will of God.

          Having learnt that lesson anew now, I retreated back into the cave,

Jesus, help me Thy cross to love




  1. (hugs) I can’t know your heart or that of the Almighty. I do know that your prayer was heard – by God and by the forces of evil. And when prayers of the heart are sent to heaven it can bring a storm from hell to attempt to alter our actions and diminish our faith. Stay strong and weather the storms….

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    1. Thanks so very much, Val. How comforting and strengthening to read this. It is striking indeed that you mention… by the forces of evil. It is exactly that – there are forces trying to steer us off-course. By the grace of God and through your prayers, we will keep strong and weather the storms.


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