1. Thank you, Linda. I believe many of us still carry a lot of the burdens from the old year, not everything can be shed so easily coming into a brand new year. When I heard that word in my spirit, I just knew it had to be shared, for we all need more hope and less of fear.
      A Happy New Year to you too, Linda.


      1. You are so very right…it is hard to shed our burdens. The verse that you shared brings so much light and love into our lives. As we place our burdens at the feet of Jesus, we know that He will help us to carry them. He knows our hearts so well, better than we know ourselves. To be known and loved so deeply is God’s great gift to us. In the end, we all want so much to be understood and we are each unique. God’s divine light shines within our very souls and helps us to discern our way in life.

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  1. God certainly knows us better and the crosses bequeathed to us are just a portion of what He carries and even then, only what we can bear – even if it often seems too much for us! As my godfather wrote to me yesterday –
    Trust. God knows your capacity.


    1. I wish you blessings in these hours of this New Year. Hope comes to us in quiet moments. Look for those moments each day. It is like when we wake up in the morning and the birds begin to sing. Our hearts awaken to the joy of life. Joy is always there, as if God were endlessly calling to us. The world keeps us so busy, but in the still and quiet moments, it is then that birdsong fills our hearts. It is when we are still and remember what life is really all about that we know happiness and peace. And, you have a wise Godfather. Trust. Trust is everything.

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