Once and For All

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Let the malice of the wicked come to an end.   Psalm 7:10

          This time it is the suffering of my colleagues that sends me to the feet of God. The relentless heartlessness of narcissism which I know only too well, now comes to life once more, binding tightly others in the nets of work. For so many, the past two years have taught them searing lessons of compassion and humility. That life is fragile. That the presence of one day does not ensure the next. So, go out into life’s lanes. Look for the maimed and the lame and give them Jesus’ hand, to the orphaned and the widowed, offer His own wounded heart.

          But not these other people. It’s as if no light can penetrate the darkness within them to choose peace and love over abuse.

          And I cannot sit by and do nothing.

         What prayer do I pray, Lord? Fresh from a 9-day novena to St Padre Pio, I’m not sure if I can commit to another similar entreaty, for I too am exhausted, barely standing upright.

What do you ask of me, Lord?

          Through a gentle weave of moments, it comes. The sparsest of prayers.

          Let the malice of the wicked come to an end

          In God’s mercy, may it end, once and for all.


  1. “Prayer is an act of love,
    words are not needed.
    Even if sickness distracts from thoughts,
    all that is needed, is the will to love.”
    From tomorrow glorious Saint just for you Caitlynne. 🙏

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  2. God does answer prayers. It just doesn’t happen in the time frame we wish for. I prayed for 26 years. That’s how long it took. I have learned patience. I’ve learned tenacity. The hymn ran through my life for many years, “Wait for the Lord, his day draws near, wait for the Lord, keep watch, take heart.”

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  3. “Pray for those who misuse you, in this way you will heap burning coals upon their heads” (or words to that effect). Although I truly do not wish burning coals to fall on anyone, I think the gist of it is just to pray, always. We cannot know how pray can wrought change, but the Divine One does, and I trust in that. Hugs!

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    1. Yet again, we need a miracle. An end to this never-ending madness of narcissism. People who make us work beyond what is humanly possible so that we become their launching pads towards something greater. Is it too great a prayer to pray? Maybe. But as you say, God listens. May He perfect our prayers till they align with His will.

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      1. I hope you find some rest this weekend. Take time to do something you love to do. Spend some time outside with fresh air and sunshine. All the little things add up…time to reflect, time to recharge, time to pray. The stronger you are, the better God can help to bind up the broken pieces in life. We cannot change the brokenness. We can only change how we look at it and how we respond to it. Praying for you! I am going through a difficult time with a family member, and I am going to do the very same things I mentioned to you…I thank God the sun is shining, and a new day has begun!

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      2. I just came across this quote, Linda. May it give you strength to continue to do what you are doing.
        Hold your eyes on God and leave the doing to Him. That is all the doing you have to worry about. ~ St. Jane Frances de Chantal


      3. I so deeply appreciate your prayer. I must say that I carry a very deep ache within my heart. And, I thank you for the quote that you shared. Oftentimes, we cannot change the behavior of another person, but we ache all the same. Some aches are so deep that they penetrate the core of our being. We must turn these things over to God because we have so little control over the situation. And the more we try to control something outside of our control, the more pain we endure. You keep entering a storm, a brutal storm, over and over again. I am praying for you also. When we pray for someone, it is the kindest and most beautiful thing in the world. In this life there are at times, terrible storms and they often catch us unaware. There is no storm so bad that God cannot find us there in the midst of the raging winds. Each and every prayer lights our way.

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      4. I understand. The imagery of the never-ending storm is one I’m all too familiar with. We really never get anywhere in it save to wound ourselves. I will continue my prayers from here. May the bright sun blaze forth soon for you.
        And thank you so much for the many prayers you have offered up for me. The angels have come many times to help me up.

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  4. I’m with you on this, Linda. Although I cannot quite rest as much as I need to, I have about 5 days to do non work-related stuff. Anything but work and I’m a happy person. When I go to Mass today, I will take your difficulty with me and pray that God in His mercy grants you a miracle.


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