She Knows the Way

Virgin of Lourdes France

Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue

Lovely Lady dressed in blue-
Teach me how to pray!
God was just your little boy,
Tell me what to say!

Did you lift Him up, sometimes,
Gently on your knee?
Did you sing to Him the way
Mother does to me?

Did you hold His hand at night?
Did you ever try
Telling stories of the world?
O! And did He cry?

Do you really think He cares
If I tell Him things-
Little things that happen? And
Do the Angels’ wings

Make a noise? And can He hear
Me if I speak low?
Does He understand me now?
Tell me- for you know?

Lovely Lady dressed in blue-
Teach me how to pray!
God was just your little boy,
And you know the way.

~  Mary Dixon Thayer

          This afternoon, I traced the sign of the Cross over both my ears and asked for Jesus to speak to me, to give me His Word and only His. As I prayed, a little memory came unbidden. Of a pre-dawn day in August many years ago when I heard Jesus say to me,

Blow the breath of My Mother into the realms

I didn’t understand what it meant; and I searched deep for its meaning. Yet, till today, heaven in silence watches over my pondering. But it didn’t stop me from using those words as a prayer. At the height of Covid, a muslim colleague was hospitalised for severe Covid. When I heard that he was struggling to draw breath, I remembered the words of that old August day. I reached for those words once more. With conviction that they would work a miracle, over and over, I prayed them as a prayer. Soon, I began praying this prayer for all those in hospital with Covid and struggling to breathe.

          Today, the old words return with the sign of the Cross. Seeing the words of Mary Dixon Thayer’s poem on this day of the Feast of the Holy Rosary gives me pause. I wonder if Jesus is finally answering both the seeking from years past, as well as my plea today for His word.

Blow the breath of My Mother into the realms

Ask Her

For She knows the way



  1. Here it is Rosary Month as well and the school is having a Rosary Challenge where we pledge $ to a child and pray the Rosary daily. Of course the kids are praying every day too. The special intensions are increasing as we boldly ask for Divine Interventions!

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    1. I know…
      Reading the prayer again today, I realise that much of what God asks of us as mothers is hidden in the little things we do for our children. Holding them, singing to them, cuddling them… the little meals we cook for them and the depths we go to to care for them when they’re ill, praying for them as often as we teach them to pray and to care for others, bending a little lower towards them so we can see what catches their eye and hear what they say… every single thing matters. All we do or don’t do, every little thing returns to us eventually, just as each one leaves this earth to come before the God who chose us from life’s lanes, to be mothers to His children.
      Nothing is lost. Nothing escapes God’s love.

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      1. I absolutely agree! I think that caring for our children is a great illustration of God’s love for us. It helps us understand…and I also agree that NOTHING escapes God’s love. And thank goodness for that!!!

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