Take Time For Yourself


          God must have known this was coming. In the short days since He sent his messenger, St. Paul of the Cross to tell me to

Leave your soul free to take her flight to the Sovereign Good as God shall guide her

I have been a bit more mindful of not raking in dust and dirt into my soul lest I render myself deaf to the soft voice from heaven. Still, there’s only so much one can do to remember to close the door each time to some of the stuff the winds of life can blow into us.

          Late in the afternoon today, tired from work and the never ending deadlines, I told God once more that I’d really, really like to hear from Him, to be moved by His voice in my heart. It was a very hot afternoon, the winds were blowing about. While that did little for the heat, with the swish of the winds through the tree leaves, an unexpected hush stole into my heart.

          The later hours of the day came with the humid promise of rain. Alas, aside from a few drops, the silver rains took their blessings elsewhere. But I had scant time to sulk, for there was dinner to see to and some more work to be done before I turned in for the day.

          After I was done, I remembered I had not had the time to complete my reading of Susan Branch’s latest post, so to it I went and absorbed myself for a time in patches of poetry, quotes and verses, photos and gorgeous illustrations, all quilted together in a lovely celebration of life and living. Although it left me longing for the beauty and quiet of serene places, a languid gentleness nonetheless pooled into my heart.

          Then came 4 little words, and Someone pressed my spirit to alertness,

Take Time For Yourself

In this life, where the world owns so much of me – and is yet far from satiated, I must somehow find a way to cast out into deep, go to where the voices of life will dull and fall into quiet, till they are unheard.

For only when I take time for myself, will I hear Him.

          What a sweetly delicious way to enter the Heart of God.


  1. Caitlynn this was so hope inducing! I could feel myself sliding into that still quiet pool that is God’s grace. Yes and yes again. We do need to find time to be alone with the Lord. Any effort to do so is immediately rewarded. Just to touch the hem of His garment and I will be healed!

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  2. Taking time for ourselves is so important. How can we hear God’s word for us if we aren’t paying attention? It’s hard, but I’m so glad you’re learning to do that. Your posts give me hope!!

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    1. Whenever I get the message that God wants me to listen harder, I tend to immerse myself more in spiritual reading, in actively searching for His voice. Clearly, I get really busy when in fact, He wants me to do just the opposite!

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    1. I agree. In more than one way, God seems to be telling me to deliberately carve out time for myself. It isn’t easy at all even if I am trying but I guess I have to keep at it and in time, clarity will come.

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