Last of June


          On this last day of June, month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the winds lift and fall from the break of dawn, blowing secrets among them, marking the last of what has been a very hectic month. Still, even as I’m glad it has come to an end, a quiet awe sits stronger within me. Awe at all God has done and eased for us this entire month. Awe at how, for once, I managed to face the innumerable twists and hurdles relatively calmly and with fewer stumbles.

          But I also know that it wasn’t me going out to meet each deadline and obstacle; each day, it felt as if someone or something within me was already in charge and leading the way. A still and quiet power beyond what I’ve ever experienced. A power so strong yet so exquisitely gentle, unperturbed at my occasional shenanigans and general inability to read things right. A power at peace even when I often tried to do things my way.

          Today, on this last day of blessed June, looking back, thanksgiving and gratitude breathes strong in my heart. I know well many hearts have helped me get through all the hard days of June, for very few journeys of this life can be undertaken safely and successfully without the love of those who pray and guide us all onwards and upwards. Most of all, without a doubt, we have journeyed through June, as a family, bound tightly to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

          As the winds raise their softly golden voices higher in the late morning sky, I can’t help but ponder what July holds for us. I can sense something is ahead, for some endeavours have ended even as we hoped to go on.

It is as if an invisible gate is slowly being shut on some journeys, why I do not know.

          But fear finds no living within me today.

          Today, I am at peace, content to let the Spirit lead.

          And He will, Father of the Poor He is.



  1. I love that you were able to embrace and allow the guidance from God. Too often I fight so hard for control only to send myself into disaster. I pray that July is a month of opening doors where others have closed… My church is in a period of transition. After 7 years with a very dynamic and traditional priest, we are getting a new priest. He seems very kind but not at all the ball of energy we are all used to! In 7 years our parish tripled in size and we had 4 Masses to accommodate the numbers – I’m praying that the families that came don’t leave!!

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    1. Your comment about the new parish priest strikes a chord with me, Val. We have a new pastor in place too and while a number of parishioners have taken a strong liking to him, our family has gotten off to a less than pleasant start with Fr G – through no fault of ours. It is disappointing because it means a lot to us to have a pastor who can shepherd us but I won’t let that get in the way of faith nor of my worshipping at church. I will leave the door of our hearts open to him and hopefully some day he’ll learn to love and accept us rather than to judge us. That will be the work of the Holy Spirit. I pray the same happens in your parish as well, that no one feels left out and unwelcomed.


  2. I am so happy that you have felt lifted up and supported in the arms of Jesus. He does carry us when the winds of life grow stormy. I hope July starts off well for you. May all the June blessings you have tucked away in your heart keep you strong.

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    1. If June has brought me to a better place, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, you are one of those who held my hand and kept me strong, Linda. Today, after reading Ann’s latest post, I’ve learned yet again that we all have something to offer someone. That is exactly what you have done. You have given me so much of you and all your giving has helped me make my way to this point. I don’t know what July holds. It’s never been a pleasant month because of memories of grief and loss. But one thing’s for sure – it will have lessons for me which I must learn.

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