The Day is Here!


MAKER of all, eternal King,

who day and night about dost bring:

who weary mortals to relieve,

dost in their times the seasons give:

Now the shrill cock proclaims the day,

and calls the sun’s awakening ray,

the wandering pilgrim’ guiding light,

that marks the watches night by night.

Roused at the note, the morning star

heaven’s dusky veil uplifts afar:

night’s vagrant bands no longer roam,

but from their dark ways hie them home.

The encouraged sailor’s fears are o’er,

the foaming billows rage no more:

Lo! e’en the very Church’s Rock

melts at the crowing of the cock.

New hope his clarion note awakes,

sickness the feeble frame forsakes,

the robber sheathes his lawless sword,

faith to fallen is restored.

Shed through our hearts Thy piercing ray,

our soul’s dull slumber drive away:

Thy Name be first on every tongue,

to Thee our earliest praises sung.

All laud to God the Father be;

all praise, Eternal Son, to Thee;

all glory, as is ever meet,

to God the Holy Paraclete. Amen.

Happy Easter!


    1. You’re welcome, Carol. May its truths manifest in our lives too. It’s part of a longer prayer composed by St Ambrose and it has brought me deep comfort many times. I had asked God for an Easter prayer or quote and when the sign was given for this one, I was thrilled.

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    1. I won’t complain, Linda😊😊. It was a peaceful and gentle Easter Sunday. No hurry, no rush. I did my best to keep my heart sealed in God’s. Today, we took a slightly longer drive out to the beach. First time at the sea in 3 years! It was almost deserted, a gentle rain fell but let up long enough to let us wet our feet a little. We couldn’t stay long but to hear the roar of the sea after so long, to see the slate-green waters curl to the shores… that was an Easter gift. I hope your next post will be about your Easter. We all have so much living to do after 2 years of being shut in.

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