Lent 15 ~ Moor Your Boat


          March 18th has been a special day for many years now. This day brings to me a memory that says,

Let go, rest and let God lead.

          Over and over, each year, I learn that lesson anew. This is one special day when I remember that I am trying too hard, or that I am in places where the Lord has not called me to. This is the day when I learn yet again that I must let go, rest and let God take over.

          I learned that lesson once more today. Anxious over a meeting scheduled today, Padre Pio had come the previous day to remind me that worry takes me nowhere except out of God’s arms. Trying to lean against God’s heart was a little tough but my dearest friends here stepped in and prayed me to it. Like a fretting child comforted, I found the will to trust Him again.

And to let go.

          This morning, the meeting and all that transpired gently unfurled. I had the distinct feeling of being on the outside looking in, seeing with my own eyes how the angels smoothened the bumps and cleared the path in ways I never could have. I knew then the feeling that every beloved child knows well, the comforting knowledge that you are loved and that Someone is there to take care of you and to keep you safe from harm.

          I know it’s not always possible to have all our days look like this. Grief and sorrow, struggles and hardship, must all come in their time, for a life lived in God’s heart is a life of seasons. To move forward down the road He has carved out for us, we must meet each season as it comes, not run away from it, tucking into our hearts each lesson learned along the way.

          Today’s lesson was of trust.

          And of knowing there are places along the shores of life where we must moor our boats and rest from toil.


  1. I’m so happy that you were surrounded by that warmth and comfort that can come only from our loving Father. Sounds like the meeting was not as stressful as anticipated – God does work miracles!

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  2. So well said! Trusting in God doesn’t mean we will never suffer, as you well know. But it does mean we’ll never suffer alone, and that there will be times when our paths will be smoothed by our Father’s loving hands. I think that is what happened for you at this time, and I am so very glad!! Prayers answered for sure….and I will continue to pray for you, always!!!! Please know you can count on that.

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