Lent 7 ~ Because You Loved Me


          In all your needs, trustfully have recourse to the divine Heart, and I am confident that our Lord will provide for your wants; but above all be very grateful for the many benefits He has bestowed on you.   ~  St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

          Yesterday’s court case was postponed. On another front, a very important meeting is to be held today to discuss a similar issue. I am not sure how that will go. But along comes my beloved St. Margaret Mary to give me the hope I need. And to gently cup my face and turn it towards the sun.

Be very grateful

          Since last year, this has come to me over and over. Be grateful, be grateful, be grateful. When others suffer, pray for them but above all, pray the prayer of lived gratefulness. For every loss you come to know, go beyond words, go home and embrace what you have been blessed with. Touch the wounds of others through your own gratitude.

Be very grateful

          What else have I not been grateful for? Today, I look over my life, seeking areas gratitude has not touched. Immediately it comes. The trials and tribulations. The sorrows and pain. The grief, the tears. Those terrible valleys where streams of wounding-s flow undeterred.

Be very grateful

          Where do I find the words for this gratitude, I wonder. How do I embrace in truth and sincerity this pain I never want again?

          Once more, barely have the thoughts formed when I see an image flash before me.

          Lean against the Heart of God.

          And I do. And immediately come the words for the gratitude,

You blessed me with those wounds

Because You loved me.


  1. A wonderful meditation – gratitude is hard when we are hurting but that is when we need to find our gratitude most. We don’t always recognize Jesus even when He is standing before us. But even so it is not the seeing but the doing that is important. If someone is hurting we comfort them, hungry and we feed, cold – we give shelter… that’s the difference – the action! I’m grateful for my hurt and the opportunity to join with the “Suffering Servant”….

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      1. Quietude within us can be very healing too. Sometimes, when we are so frustrated over a situation, we keep playing it over and over again in our minds. If we are able to release it for a bit, we often find new answers to our problems. It is always about our focus. (But as you have said, as we ‘lean into God’, He is able to help us ‘focus’ and see things more clearly.)

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