Lent 6 ~ The Seas are Stilled



Heavenly King, Consoler Spirit, Spirit of Truth, present everywhere and filling all things, treasure of all good and source of all life, come dwell in us, cleanse and save us, you who are All-Good.

          This is my prayer for today. As I reach for it, I become aware of waves of anxiety coursing through me. Today, I number among thousands in my country who await a court ruling which will determine the next course of our lives. Whether a decision will be made today or not, today is nonetheless a significant marker in our professional journey.

          The waves rise higher within me.

Heavenly King

Consoler Spirit

Spirit of Truth

          I turn and face the waves. Lord, I pray, if these are from satan, take them away. But if they are wounds which I must bear, touch each one…

          The words of my prayer have barely formed when I immediately sense the waves curl into mist and disappear.

          And the seas within me still.


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