Day: March 5, 2022

Lent 4 ~ The Gift of Piercing


          So much has happened in these past few years, more so in the recent 7 months. Although I am not broken and crushed as I was last year, there is a deep weariness within me, for to me it has been so very long. Of late, I’ve often felt as if the light within me is dying.

          Today, hearing of some work-related developments, the darkness inches a little closer.

          But happening in tandem with that is something strange. Despite feeling the way I do, I’ve noticed in recent days that whenever I pray with heart and soul for others, my heart is pierced with an unusual sweetness. I’ve never experienced a piercing of this sort before, one that leaves my heart flooded with love for whoever I’ve prayed for – after I’ve prayed for them.

          And when the moment folds into its petals, the world within me grows quiet, eased into trust once more.

          Pierced, I rise strengthened. Nothing is too difficult anymore.