Keep Going


          Sometimes God chooses to speak to us in the softest of breaths.

          A few days ago, just to be sure I was living in His will, I asked to hear His voice. Life has been progressing at a gentle pace, led forth by an invisible light, even if some important things are yet unresolved. The bubbles of joy that accompanied me some weeks back have gone to their slumber, leaving within me a quiet and a sort of peace. Well and good, but I missed the bubbles and I wished they would come back. It was in this calm that I asked God to speak to me, to direct my path.

          His answer came unexpectedly, as always. This time through a passing glance at a title of a book by Austin Kleon, Keep Going. Brenda from A Beautiful Life had mentioned the book in her post. And just like that, from days of a heart curled in on itself, I felt the gentlest of arrows pierce me.

Keep Going

          That I keep my eyes on Him, not on the water I am treading, not even on the mountains and hills ahead. That I continue to work as I am doing now, focused and diligently, yet at a pace that has gentled.

Keep Going

          Two soft words, and then, the little window closed.

          And the watery meadows spread out around me once more.


  1. Sometimes, there are bubbles of joy; sometimes, there is simply the quietude where we listen to hear God’s voice. He is always there…In the still moments we seem best able to understand things. Life moves at such a quick pace, especially in the world we live in today. We don’t always have to rush, but we often get pulled that way. I wish you both the ‘bubbles’ that you speak of, and the interlude of quietude in this Thanksgiving season…It sounds like a wonderful book that you found! 🙂

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    1. I’ve so often read about the saints and their joy even in so much suffering but the meaning consistently escaped me. Till now. Now, I think I’m slowly beginning to see something. Joy is like an inner room which can only be accessed through the door of suffering. Without suffering, there can be no joy.


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