1. Lately, on more than one occasion I have read the words, “Worry Less. Pray More.” So much truth here…turning our worries into prayers makes so much sense. How often do we needlessly turn something over in our minds, over and over again. How much better to take it to God instead of wrestling with so much on our own. There is peace in prayer, a balm for our souls.

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  2. Amen. Sacred Scripture i.e. God Himself, has told us 365 times in said Scripture NOT TO WORRY!
    I have seen miracles in my life – that no human could forecast or predict but only God could resolve – when I trusted and did not worry!
    When you worry – you deny the power of God!

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  3. That is so true! Both my husband and I tend to worry WAY too much, and we also feed off each other. So every once in a while, we just have to say to each other, “time to calm down, trust God, and just live our lives, no matter what…..” Because you’re right, when we’re so focused on the stuff that could go wrong, we ignore all the stuff that is going right.

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    1. Things are somewhat the same over here. I think my husband and I need to do some amount of worrying before we reach the point of trust to hand it over to God. But I know I’ve come some way in that the period of worrying is shorter now. I’m not sure if we can ever skip the worrying, though😁

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