Lent 36 ~ Close Your Mouth


          It has been a wonderful, delicious two days of being on a break. To have it coincide with Holy Week is a coincidence not lost on me: God wants me silent and attentive. And today, He made sure I got the message.

          On a long evening drive today along country roads with the family, I wondered about God’s silence these past 2 days. The last I heard His voice on my heart was on the Feast of the Annunciation when He told me it was time I rested and let Him take over. I agreed. I was truly spent. But I needed to walk Holy Week right too and for that I needed to hear from my God.

          So, I began to search for Him and to listen out for His voice. So many, many little things came and went, pressing their sweetness upon my heart. Our family spent a lovely day in the sun out in the garden today. At one point, I heard the plaintive cries of an eagle high up in the sky. Its shadow fell fleetingly upon our front lawn as it crossed the sun’s eyes. Looking up, I saw two of them, swooping and soaring in the happy blue skies, watched by fattened white clouds, their calls bringing an immediate quietening to my heart.

          No Word did I hear but peace reigned strong as I cut and gathered gardenias for our Sunday altar. A good lunch and a short but deep rest afterwards filled me with all the energy that had been missing for a time. The kitchen put into order and meal prep complete, we piled into our car for that sunset drive.

          Just a few minutes out of town, a huge gold moon rose in the sky before us. The Passover moon, I thought to myself. The Feast of Freedom from slavery and tyranny, it had begun yesterday and would end on Easter Day. Again, a quiet descended into me.

Will You speak to me, Lord? I asked and released the asking into the purple~orange sunset.

          Once home, in a quick reading before I went to cook dinner, I felt a faint quickening within as an unexpected word came before me,


          I understood immediately and jumped to obey. Tell me what to do, Lord, I answered, all quivering-ly eager and ready. But nothing could have prepared me for what came next.

You need a spiritual pilgrimage.

Begin by closing your mouth.

   ~  Egyptian Desert Fathers


  1. Americans are especially bad at listening. We think prayer is all about us talking to God so much so that we fail to listen! I have made it a point to listen for that “small still voice” by quieting my own chatter. Not an easy task but the rewards are great! Hope your listening is as fruitful as your speaking…

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    1. Well, I thought my listening wasn’t too bad. Obviously, I was very wrong😁.
      For me, keeping my mouth closed is tied to bringing my presence into my present. Have to work on that.


      1. Wishing you early Easter blessings…soft like a spring rain to settle in your heart, softening the blaring sounds of the world, gentle, as our beautiful Jesus touches all the hurting places deep inside. His touch is all we ever really need, and yet, we often resist His help. We are compelled to go it alone, trying to fix the broken things all by ourselves. It never works. He is always there for us and He never leaves us. God’s love does rise above the noise of this world. We must listen, as we do to those first raindrops as they fall…only each and every drop is full of love, full of mercy, full of hope. And it just rains down on us, full of mystery, full of beauty. Happy Easter!

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