Lent 3 ~ Wounded to Seek


Pride may go before a fall, but jealousy goes before destruction.   ~  Gladys Taber


          Disturbed is the heart and mind ruled by jealousy; no peace does it have, no sleep too. And what a suffering it is to be wounded by another’s jealousy. 

          Which is why I have learned the hard way to flee from people in whom I discern jealousy. With such people, I am never on stable ground. There is nothing I can do to appease a jealous heart. A good day in such company never ensures a fine morrow. So many hours I’ve wasted pondering and dissecting absurd responses and reactions. So many times, I’ve abased myself to heal the wounded vanity of a jealous soul, just to secure a sunny day.

          But it never lasted. 

          These days, I no longer try to make the world a sweeter place for anyone determined to be bound to jealousy; it is an exercise in futility. Yet, whenever the angel knocks at my door and tells me it is time, I need to fight my hurt at remembered pain, and place the soul in need before the God who heals. Who better to seek the healing of jealousy than the one wounded by its venom?

          Because we live in hope that one day, some day, such a soul will rise to a day, upon which dawn has broken and darkness gone.


  1. God is the ultimate healer, and a soul in affliction does need our prayers. You are wise to follow your heart and pray. And, when we pray for others in such a state, our own hearts soften. We see how deep their pain must be, that jealousy rules their lives. And, we understand that it is our own reaction to things that matter…we must stay in control of our reaction to a jealous heart. (We cannot change someone else; we can change how we react to their outward behavior.) The more we focus on our own hearts, the less intrusion by those that might hurt us; a heart full of mercy and love rebounds much faster from outside influences. This does not mean that we do not feel hurt by others…we do. But, we have learned to honor our own hearts as a sacred place. It takes great practice. It takes much forgiveness. It is the only key to a happy heart…and it is an ongoing process. We pray continuously for God’s help; with Him, miracles are possible within our very hearts. (Sorry, so long a comment.)

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    1. These are God’s own words through you, Linda. When God and things of God fill the spaces within our hearts, we deal with life so much better. The wisdom is different, our reactions deliberate and wise. Thank you so much for taking the time to put it all out so clearly.
      And no, it’s never too long.

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  2. That is absolutely true! Being the object of someone’s jealousy is so very hard, and being a jealous person is even harder. All we can do in those instances if pray for God’s healing, both for ourselves and for the person who is drowning in jealousy.

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  3. I am glad the post was not too long. I tend to write the way I talk…and that is probably a lot! 🙂 I was very shy when I was younger. I guess I outgrew that. My mother always told people that once I came out of my shell, there was no going back in. Too funny. But, there is a great deal of truth to that. 🙂

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