Day: February 27, 2020

Lent 2 ~ Luminous Secret


The Luminous Mysteries is the Illumination of Conscience


          Every year, I seek a Lenten ritual. Special prayers. A new meditation. Each year, Lent takes me on a journey. This year, work has been so heavy and I’ve not been able to quieten myself sufficiently to make out what God wants of me during Lent. Through the crash and lurch of passing days, I saw one thing, though:

The Luminous Mysteries

          Through all the wild days, like the gentle moon, Luminous Mysteries has hovered just off the side of my consciousness. Never intruding. Quiet and still, in patient wait.

          Perhaps knowing that despite the crash and swell of my days, I would recall that old night 4 years ago when an unseen voice had written these words on my heart,

The Luminous Mysteries is the Illumination of Conscience

          And with that, I finally recognised the reason for its presence.

          This year, I was to recite the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary as my Lent prayer for the illumination of conscience.