About to Unfold


I will not abandon or forsake you. I am faithful. I have chosen you and you are Mine. My blessing is upon you and the designs of My heart are about to unfold for you. You have only to trust Me. Believe that I will keep you as the apple of My eye. You are safe under My Mother’s mantle. I will hold you close to My wounded Heart. Trust that I will bring about all that I have promised you.   ~  In Sinu Jesu, page 42


          A week ago, in the happy silence of a still church, I felt Jesus speak those words to me. It was not my imagination, nor was it desperate hope. Just a quiet confidence that my Lord was addressing me.

          Work has been tremendous, the ante upped as it usually is towards the ending of a year. The only difference is that this year, we are being led by cruelty. Masked by the outward appearance of dedication and concern, cruelty is running the show at work. Stooped backs are being further bent by force of work. Weary minds in a chokehold, forced to remain in pursuit of someone else’s goals.

          And yet, a secret flame burns somewhere within the folds of my spirit. Most days, I am so tired that I think I cannot walk another step. But from its hiding place, a mysterious energy flows into the dry gullies of my being. Somehow, I can go on – and go on well!

          And I am quietly happy, mirth in easy bubbling at the slightest tickle.

          On this grey morning, as robins sweet~note from rain~pearled boughs, my mind returns to the recent days. Days of rainbow after unexpected rainbow, willing me to recall God’s Word to my heart,

The designs of My heart are about to unfold for you.

Trust that I will bring about all that I have promised you.









  1. When I was working, I had days like that. Days when I could not find a reason to get up in the morning and do it again. But I found that when those days happen, God sends us a sign, no matter how small, that He is there, watching, protecting, loving, and reminding us that He has a plan which will get us through the hard times. When we see His signs, we can manage anything. My prayers are with you that the hard times ease up soon.

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  2. I am sorry you have been going through so much turmoil at work. I am praying for you. This was a beautiful post nonetheless. Your bright spirit shines through; the Lord is always with you with every step you take. May the well of hope within you fill to the brim; may the love of our Heavenly Father intercept every cruelty, every pain you endure. Always remember, your bright spirit is a gift from God. It is a gift no one can take from you. Celebrate this gift. Let this gift rise up within your soul and make you strong. let it warm your being when all else feels cold and lifeless. This is your gift. This is your spark. It is there in your writing as plain as day. Use this gift and your days will get a bit easier. Not all of our burdens can be lifted; we can choose however, how to carry the burdens. And always, we seek God’s council and support.

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