Pray for Faith

At Prayer, Edwin Long

          A fellow blogger has been dreading the 11th of September. He’s not American but British and the 11th for him is when his partner and the mum of his only child, passed away. For some time now, through his posts, he has been sharing his apprehension of the approaching anniversary of loss, a day that straddles the ending of one season and the beginning of another. But I never guessed that it would be the 11th of September, a day of mourning that crosses American soil as many around the world break their hearts with America over the senseless loss of lives.

          When this poor man revealed the date of his mourning, a lump formed, and remains yet in my heart.

          Because I feel so helpless in the face of his anguish. Because I want to help but I don’t know how.

          Because his sorrow brings back memories of a time in the old of years.

          So, I whispered a prayer for him in my heart, Lord, be with him – because I know too well that no human effort will suffice as grief rages wild. And then, I went wearily to my day.

          Night has fallen here. Pain has not left my heart, the sultry night air in sullen repose, unwilling to render any comfort or hope. I ponder this pain for this man and his child, I wonder at this stubborn clutch of tears within me, unable to be shed. If I cry, would the pain go?

          Slowly, I sense a hand reach out to my spirit.

Pray for the gift of faith.







  1. I will pray for this man. Faith is our only hope in the midst of such anguish. I know God holds our hearts close to His even when they are broken. Every tear we shed is known to God, and He loves us all the more. We do have hope; the love of Christ shines in the deepest darkness, and that love has overcome the world.

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  2. Being a father is no easy job. It is especially hard for a single parent. And yet, I sense that this particular dad is a person who loves with all His heart. God will keep this beautiful heart close to His own, and He will give this man wisdom on the parenting journey. We are called to love one another, and love is the greatest and most beautiful gift we can bestow one to another. Where there is much love, there is God always in the midst of it all. The greater the love, the more present God is. I will continue to pray for this man and his child. May the blessings overflow on their journey together.

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