The Passover Begins



          Today, the Passover begins. The Feast of Remembrance. Of Pilgrimage. Of Freedom.

It is the LORD’s Passover…This day will be a day of remembrance for you, which your future generations will celebrate with pilgrimage to the LORD; you will celebrate it as a statute forever.   ~   Exodus 12: 11, 14

          For the first time, I mark this date in church and it brings me quiet satisfaction. Into the deep stillness and peace, I bring my pilgrim heart and its wanderings.

          My mind searches and finds the words to the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. I recite them as my heart traces Jesus’ final journey, from the sorrow of Gethsemane to the violent piercing of the Crucifixion. Into that journey, I press my own questions, my thoughts.

          I ask too for the freedom of the Holy Souls of Purgatory, for today, the dream of yesterday is before me. Yet, the eyes of my spirit are shifted elsewhere. Today, the dream tugs at me to seek freedom for the Poor Souls with an intensity I’ve not visited in so long. Suddenly, every other seeking dims against this.

Holy water, Precious Blood, wash their sins away.

          I think of my colleague in yesterday’s dream, stricken to an unearthly silence. I think of the boxes of memories and of the precious, never to be given again. Boxes and boxes of them, boxes formed from the mud of the earth. My heart still has not found the prayer for her but I am determined to pray for her. So, into His Wounds, I press her. Save her, Lord, I call to heaven.

          And then, I leave her and return to the Holy Souls and their painful wait.

          Soon, it is time to leave the church and begin the long, winding drive home. The skies watch but leave nothing for me. For a while I seek something for my heart. A message in the clouds, a tiny rainbow perhaps. But as quickly, I withdraw from that road. This year, I want to be dressed right, wearing the robe of humility, not of misplaced seeking.

          For it is the Feast of the Passover. Something is changing.







      1. Caitlynne I should also have said that this is very interesting to me, since I am technically Jewish. It is a very beautiful time. I am so happy that you have picked up on it

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      2. I hadn’t known that about you!
        I had always associated the Passover with a time of tension, of nervous waiting, perhaps a fear of what lies ahead too.
        But today, something has changed in me. I’m beginning to see it as the time just before the dawn of sunrise.

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      3. Oh Caitlynne, what a BEAUTIFUL thought. That really speaks to me. Last night I had an amazing experience of that kind of change. Also it invokved thesun, but it occurred at sunset. It was beautiful, and I do so pray that you experience something beautiful too. Yes I am technically Jewish as my great grandmother was, but I was not brought up Jewish. It’s all so interesting. I was not Catholic either, but Protestant. I now am Catholic and have been for some time 😊


      4. Thanks Caitlynne. I did post about it but then deleted it lol. It made me feel too vulnerable. But ifI can change it a bit I will post it again 😊 yes, I was led beautifully into the Catholic Church. Oh how I would LOVE to write that story. My head is full of stories that I want to write! 😀


      5. Ah yes, I understand. I’ve about 84 posts in my Draft folder and it’s likely they’ll stay there😁😁.
        We’ll let the Spirit guide us on what to write and when to post.


      6. Absolutely. My blog is very different to yours though as it is not only religious but I hope that it IS


      7. It doesn’t have to be about religion in order to be led by the Spirit. One day, you’ll know the number of souls saved or situations made better by the many poems you’ve written. The Spirit knows just where our posts are needed.

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      8. Sorry it cut off a d posted before I had finished. Yes my blog does talk about spiritual things but also about other things and is mainly poetry. Yet people HAVE said how much it has helped them, so when I get discouraged about my blog and think of giving it up, I remember that 😊


  1. Praying you find peace. You are wise to trust only in God’s divine grace and mercy. There are answers that come to us slowly from heaven; we must be patient, steadfast in prayer, knowing that God never fails us. We cling to hope, that is the fortress of our faith…


  2. I pray that you find the hope that you need Caitlynne. Life is rough at times. But hope is the one thing that never goes. I pray you may find it too, as I have 😊


      1. Oh Caitlynne. I so understand. All things must be of God or they will fail anyway. I will pray for you. Life is just so tough sometimes. ❤️

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