Anthem of La Salette


          About two weeks ago, an old bell began to chime. It was the bell of La Salette. It chimed so often that I went back to the 1846 apparition. Once more, I read the messages of a weeping Our Lady to the little shepherds. I read of the later controversies too.

          But for some reason, Her messages did not sink into my heart as deeply as I expected them too. I was looking for a sign, maybe a prayer direction through them since the apparition had returned so insistently to me, but the bloom  seemed to close up on itself.

          Yet, La Salette took up vigil in my mind. I finally felt that what was standing out more for me was the date of the feast – 19th of September.

          And I was right.

          The 19th of this month brought some news for my country.

          This same day, if I discerned rightly, I think a whisper was also laid on my heart regarding someone else in my working life – of a possible coming development. It is also a test if I will merely sit back and wait for it happen. Or will I pray in charity for that soul – in order to be freed myself.

          The chord that links all is – Freedom. Because that is the significance of La Salette to me. Our Lady of La Salette first came to me in 2013. She brought the key to my jail and She released me to a life I had never before known.

          Seven years later, the 19th hears the anthem of freedom resound once more.













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