Day: March 5, 2018

Lent 18 ~ Trust. Come.

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Do you not see how much I have been calling you to trust in Me?  Trust is the key that opens all the treasures of My merciful and infinitely loving Heart.  I am touched by a single act of trust in My merciful love more than a multitude of good works.  The soul who trusts Me, by that very fact, removes the obstacles of pride and self-determination that impede my freedom of action.  There is nothing I will not do for the soul who abandons herself to Me in a simple act of trust.   ~   Anonymous, In Sinu Jesu


           When will that day come when I have learned to trust in God perfectly? When will that day come when I can abandon all worry and fear and doubt in the Heart of Jesus? When I can fulfil in perfect obedience His will for me even when I do not understand the whys and wherefores?

          I have no answers. If anything, I have more doubt in myself because my lot is cast with those who question and struggle endlessly with trust.

          But I suspect this unexpected Lent journey to the Heart of Jesus through Adoration has much to do with the solution – if it is not the solution itself. Trust is the Everest of my faith journey. What if all I am called to is to merely present my sorry self before Him in Adoration and that Jesus will take it from there?

          And then I recall, indeed, that was what He promised me,

This is really all I ask of souls – that you come to Me. And I will do the rest.