Day: March 3, 2018

Lent 16 ~ Rest


          The past few days, I’ve been noticing that the number 15 seems to light up for me. I’m not into numbers, but the frequency of this happening was hard to ignore. So, I looked up the biblical significance of 15 and learned that it connotes


          With my foot injury, my husband has been repeatedly telling me to rest if I wanted to get back on my feet as soon as possible. I tried but it’s hard when you have a family to take care of and a demanding job that waits for every hour it can claim of you. Still, when 15 came up as REST, I decided to take it to the Lord, because I honestly didn’t know how to rest without causing a crash along the railway tracks that run through my family and work life.

          I also had a suspicion that REST might have a different meaning for me at this time. That it was not merely about putting up my foot and gazing at the green while the kids tear down the house and deadlines loom and everyone else runs around to compensate for my ‘rest’.

          I was right.

There are so many lesser things that pull you away, that eat up your time, and that are stumbling blocks in the path of your coming to be with Me.  Learn to recognize these obstacles for what they are.  Some of them are your own doing; others are the work of the Evil One;

…still others come from the ordinary cares of life in a world that has forgotten how to be still in My presence.   ~   Anonymous, In Sinu Jesu  


          Ordinary cares of life in a world that has forgotten to be still in My presence. The endless bullets in my daily to-do lists. The hundred you-musts and you-have-to’s. The crashes waiting to happen.

          In a world that has forgotten to be still. My Adoration minutes the past few days have been pockmarked by inner chattiness and distractions and wanting to take charge of my time before Jesus. Despite my injury, despite a slower pace than usual, I have not been able to still myself completely even in the presence of God. Truth be told, I’m not sure how.

          Jesus heard my heart.

          Do not let yourself be stopped by any of these things. Learn to come to Me quickly, generously, and gladly.  I wait for you in the Sacrament of My love, and you will not be disappointed in coming to Me.  This is really all I ask of souls – that you come to Me.  

And I will do the rest.