Day: March 1, 2018

Lent 14 ~ Angel’s Light


Blessed be the hour in which you were assigned me for my Guardian, my defender and my patron.   ~   from The Guardian Angel Prayer, by St. Gertrude

          I think my Angel of Peace has come. Since the events of yesterday, despite the crags and ruts the day held, no trouble ripples have touched my heart today. I went about my day in quiet and in unruffled peace. I believe that for every path that opened up before me in each task and decision of the day, the angel gently lit up the one that lay in the will of God.

          In uncharacteristic obedience, my spirit acquiesced each time.

          Because today, given my foot injury, I was not able to heat up the floors rushing from one task to another. I was forced to slow down, to walk with careful, measured steps. At this slow, labored pace, I had time to think and to sift through responses. I didn’t plunge headlong into tasks. When the photocopier got overheated, I didn’t rush to another bullet on my to-do list while it cooled down; I sat down and stared out at the distant hills wearing their trees like jewels.

          Despite the disruptions and machine breakdowns and the ungainly hobbling, everything that needed to be done got done and got done in peace. 

          Because I left myself and held Another’s hand. Because today I followed the Angel’s Light.