Lent 7 ~ Wound Me


Allow Me to speak to you in such a way as to wound you with the piercing of Divine Love. When you come before Me and wait upon Me in silence, you are, in effect, allowing Me, when I choose and in the way I choose, to wound you with an interior word and to set you on fire with a communication of divine love. ~ Anonymous, In Sinu Jesu.

          What wounding is this that awaits me in this adoration journey? Will it be worse than what I have endured so far? Already I feel my enthusiasm for adoration waning slightly.

          Because I fear suffering more than anything. I have none of the welcoming of suffering that the saints have.

          How the saints welcome suffering is beyond me! Anything is bearable for the love of God.

          When I place myself beside these old greats, I see where it is that I am different from them: I cannot suffer like them because I do not love to the extent that the saints  can. The saints can suffer anything because they love God completely. Every sliver of self-love has been burned away, leaving hearts aflame only with the love for God.

          To seal this understanding, my eyes fall upon these next lines.

          My words are like arrows of fire shot into the heart and wounding it so as to inflame it and heal it with divine love~ In Sinu Jesu

          Dare I open myself to this? Already my heart is cowering in fear.

          Thy Will be done.




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