Day: August 15, 2017

Rising Queen


If such a thing were possible, I actually went and forgot what day it was today. Rising early, I had gone to my morning Adoration prayers.

          The minute I began them, gentle winds began to trouble the windchimes by the door.

          On and on they tinkled softly, silverly, yet insistently. They didn’t intrude on my prayers, but their elfin notes finally found rest on my ears. Ending my Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, I puzzled over the silver harmonies. And then, I went to my daily readings, the winds in its continued dance through the old chimes.

          Glory, glory, it was the Feast of the Assumption! And I had forgotten!

          The moment my eyes rested on the readings, I read the note borne by the dawn winds. My eyes on the rising Queen, the winds went to rest, the bells hushed.

Glory be to the Mother of God.