Day: April 4, 2017

Lent 31 ~ Light by the Door


          Look, Mother, by the door . . . shining light, very beautiful. ~ Blessed Francisco Marto, Fatima Seer, moments before his death, 4 April, 1919.


          What a great mother this child had. She returned, not one, but two beautiful children to the Lord in perfect holiness. She watched them fall ill, nursed them as best as she could. She had to let one be taken away from her, she must have known when breath left both. There are books on all three seers; I wish there was at least one on Francisco’s mother. Just so I could press close to her life, be a part of it through the pages.

          To know another heart that beat through both grief and joy.

          And at the end of it, to whisper a plea that she presses me to that same Heart, for we are both mothers bound by a bond that both marks and sets apart.

          The bond of being blessed with children who told us that they saw the Light. The Light that is a farewell.

          And a welcome.


Saint Francisco Marto, 11 June 1908 – 4 April 1919, Fatima, Portugal