Lent 18 ~ Never


          Yesterday, I read of someone’s silent aching that took her from sleep. When the pain got too deep, she reached out for God’s Hand, and He came to her through Isaiah 41:13 ~ For I am the Lord, your God, who grasp your right hand; It is I who say to you, Fear not, I will help you.

          A True Father’s Love.

          I learned of that love, for the first time, close to ten years ago when I had reached a point of brokenness I could not depart from. I had given all I had in me, but it didn’t satisfy some. I was derided, blamed and hurt for the loss I seemed to have brought down on others. I had loved to emptiness. But to the vulture-hearts gathered around me, I hadn’t done enough; my sins had caused the troubles.

         They said my misfortune was God’s punishment for my sins.

          And I believed them.

          For a whole year, I struggled. For a whole year, I sought God.

          But every time I came near, I hid from Him.

          Because they said I was to blame.

          And I believed them.

          One night, it was time for another farewell. So, I went to the only Treasure Chest there is for the gem of the greatest value to be bequeathed as a final gift.

          The page fell open to Isaiah 54:10 ~

The mountains may depart and the hills be moved,

but never will My love depart from you

          I wept and wept at the words. Every mountain and hill in my life had been levelled. I had come to know a tearing so great and deep, I felt I could never again love.

          But in the nighttime of my deepest emptying, through the words, never will My love depart from you, my God told me He loved me.

          And for the first time, I believed Him.





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