The Illumination Gifts


                Wanting to glorify Mother Mary on the Feast of the Assumption today,  I sought to mark the day in gold for her, because nothing less would do. Remembering her love for Roses, I offered one, its Mysteries mine ~ A Mother Gives Glory:

The Annunciation,

The Visitation,

The Birth of Jesus,

The Wedding Feast at Cana,

The Assumption.

          On the first four, I traced Her life and Her deeds, following Her as She placed Her will in the heart of God. Against the jubilant chorus of sun~morning winds, I learned anew Mary’s Yes. Simple. In the moment. Humble. Pure. Perfect.

          When I came to the final decade of my Assumption Rosary, I tipped over my heart and emptied it. I wanted nothing of myself in the final reflection, but to be filled with the Perfume of the Queen. As the winds sang and wove their goldspun dance through the leaves and boughs, tickling the old, weathered wind chimes into giggles, I waited expectantly for Mother to come before me, in word or vision, as she once had. 

          Slowly, gently, as the mirth of the day touched the ends of the cloud dusted skies, I sensed my emptied heart being expanded with a presence. I peered eagerly into the pearlstream of diamonds brimming into my spirit, wondering what treasure My Mother had for me.

          The winds dipped into a hushed sweep.

          Then deep within me, stirred memories of long ago-s.

          I felt the caresses of old years gone by, heard the lilting gaiety of innocent babes born to us, blessing our weary hearts with a joy never imagined. I touched the wraiths of love and fun and tender cherishing, born from the old days when to love was to hug and tickle, to caress and kiss. I remembered the joys we once had with the children, sun~tumbled days of simple happiness, when the shadows knew not where to find us, because our love for the little ones was the second sun in the sky, leaving no space for the slightest grey.

          Bit by little bit, my heart filled with these aged memories where cherishing came before anything else.

           On this day of Her Triumph, looking out of the window of my heart for Mother Mary to come to me in a burst of golden glory, She came instead to turn my heart to where my true gold was. She came to me, bringing me the illumination gifts: my own children. From the Heart that Knows to the heart that is seeking, She asked that I learn to rest from work and care when the need had passed. She pressed that I perfume this day, and all days, once more, with the incense of tenderly cherishing the children, as they once were cherished.

          As She once appeared to me arrayed in the Gold of Ophir, with children in Her arms and around her, She came once more today to teach me my path of Illumination lay in treasuring my gold ~ my children – as much as it did in working and caring for their needs.

          Like Martha, I too must learn to leave work and cares in their place, and seek the better part, for to rest in the joy of my children is to glorify my God who gifted me them.



  1. Yes! Our children are our treasure, our gold. So grateful for them. I love your poetics… “The winds dipped into a hushed sweep” and so many other metaphors and similes! Your love for our Mother is beautiful. Isn’t it wonderful and reassuring to know that God is in the mess of our lives; that our Mother is also there with us. Thank you Lord, again and again.


    1. Oh Cynthia, more beautiful than anything of mine is your God is in the mess of our lives. Only a real father who loves is not put off by the sorry condition of our lives and living, but remains with us to make things beautiful again!


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