I woke up to the new day that rose from the sad day before. Immediately, I noticed there was none of the grey of spirit spilling over to the fresh day ahead. Neither was there lightness. I shrugged. I just had to get on with it and not stray again.

          I had eased into the dark dawn hours, busy with work, when I heard unseen voices lilt hymn lines quietly within me.

Gloria in excelsis Deo
Gloria in excelsis Deo!

          The very moment the lines escaped unseen lips, my entire being exploded with energy and hope! I soared and soared. Caught by hands I could not see, led into a dance of spirit not visible to eye. Joy, oh utter joy! Hope and lightness.

Gloria in excelsis Deo
Gloria in excelsis Deo!

          What could it mean? What could it mean? This was the second time I was hearing a Christmas hymn in a ‘non-Christmas’ season. Gloria in excelsis deo. Latin for Glory to God in the Highest. When my eyes traced over the terrain of the day that had passed, all I saw was my will to sin. What loomed large was the loss suffered through choice – although in the later hours, I had trudged back to my place at the foot of the Cross I had too willingly abandoned earlier.

          Had I given glory to God through my remorse? I rolled the bean of thought back and forth. It was possible, but it didn’t quite fit the pod. There was something else.

          It came very slowly.

          In my remorse over my betrayal, my spirit had ached for the Cross I had discarded for human comfort. After a lifetime being in a tempest over my crosses, for the very first time that sullen night, my spirit longed for the Cross as anyone would a treasured and beloved friend.

          I do not know how long this love for the Cross would last. I do not trust myself. But the angels had tinkled the silver bells of comprehension in my contrite spirit. That to give glory to God goes far beyond merely obeying. It is also much more than mutinous obedience.

          To truly love the Cross is to glorify God.


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