Day: March 25, 2016

LENT 39 ~ I Put Him There


Christ on the Cross by Carl Heinrich Bloch

          Today is Good Friday. On a day that calls for a commemoration of the suffering and death of Jesus, I was filled with a strange joy. As I readied the family and prepared for Mass, there was a smile in my heart and a spring in my step. I danced in a light unseen.

          From time to time, I wondered if I had taken leave of my senses. Who in the right frame of mind glides through the hours of Good Friday with a skip and a twirl?

          Yet, I knew, mad or not, I was free and joyful from the road I chose previous day, and that no human hand had placed the sun in my heart.

          Still, I wished for a somberness more fitting for the holy day of mourning.

          But in answer received a spirit of radiance instead.

          As I travelled to our church, and later participated in the early part of the Good Friday service, I remained anchored in this light and joy. Yet, it was not a frivolous blitheness that held me. I felt an inner strength and a hope when I recalled the sins I had confessed. A strength to face the future and a hope that a new life awaited me now.

          Then, our parish priest unveiled the purple-shrouded Crucifix.

          Suddenly, I felt frissons of electricity run through me, and the joy in my heart immediately bowed before the Ultimate Sacrifice of the Lamb. In a split second, I had moved from the light of radiance to a searing awareness and realization.

          I put Him there.

          Not the embittered Jews, not the callous Romans

          Not the Pharisees nor Teachers of the Law

          Not Pontius Pilate, not the High Priest, not the soldiers

          But it was my doing

          My sins.

          The tears came and came.

           I put Him there.