Day: March 7, 2016

LENT 23 ~ Lasts


          There is a summons that comes that no soul can evade, no power on earth can prevent. Whether in gentleness or violence come, it is a call that must be answered.

          Several have passed on into the next life recently. Some from previous weeks, Nancy Reagan yesterday. When the heavenly call came, some were ready, some not. Some did not wait for the summons but marked it on the calendar in their hardened hearts and willfully untethered their boats as angels wept.

          As they began their passing, each one of them, did they turn back, one last look at a life they knew too well? A life aged and feebled from trials and twists, weathered by the beat of joyful suns and the mourn of rains? Did they then see, in the final misting, all that had been done and yet to be done? In the final sight that nothing can blur nor blot out, did they see every deed, small and great, what was willed by Heaven and what was not?

          Did they feel the lance of bitter regret in the final waning minutes, and lurch to make one last lunge to hold on to a passing hope? Or in weariness turn away from all that was, to all that will be?

          Did they hear melodies unheard by human ears, the shimmering joy~notes of cherubim in their welcome of another to the breast of heaven? Or was it a dirge of hopes destroyed, or anguished terror of other lives forcibly ended, that haunted dying ears in that final weep to the sandbank on the other side?

          Did they see faces known and loved come back to love and lead to Light again? Did parents see the faces of children and babies, loved and gone, not loved and made to go?

          Who did they see, what did they hear, before the final blurring of earthly sight and sounds? What fell upon dying senses when angels released the moorings one last time, for that last of journeys across the lake of still, to the feet of a just Judge…