LENT 14 ~ The Press of Water


Photo credit ~ James Fahy

          The week before Lent began, I had a dream about a coming water. A violent rush of taint and filth. People in another part of the town heard of its impending arrival, and they made haste to flee. Flee , they told me too. But I refused.

          For hours later, I pondered the dream. Dismiss or delve deeper? I sought the counsel of the Discerner of Dreams, St Joseph.

Then, it came :


 A week later, after night Rosary, a deepening of meaning :

A coming cleansing to pave the way for a Promised Land on earth.

          Some days into Lent, came the call to immerse lost and dying souls into the waters of Lourdes, and later I was given to understand that the waters of Lourdes were the Tears of the Holy Mother.

A pretty deep press of water into my soul this Lent thus far. Then, they knitted together:

Prepare for a coming cleansing by immersing lost and dying souls in the Tears of the Heavenly Mother.


  1. Five months ago a happy retired couple settled into their new house on our street to be closer to their grandchildren. Three weeks later the wife was diagnosed with an aggressive incurable brain cancer. She deteriorated fast. She and her loving husband chose to live out her last days in their new home with comfortable accommodations for their large Italian family to visit.
    My wife and others in the neighborhood rotated with meals, sat and talked with her occasionally to give her husband opportunities to take care of things outside the home. He was constantly and lovingly at her side.
    She died peacefully on Sunday and was buried today.
    It was surprising and disturbing to learn that this wonderful “Christian-like” man wanted no religious service for his wife. His peace and joy were as authentic as any confident Catholic. What had brought him to this?
    I prayed for them and for understanding all day before the funeral. These words found my consciousness,

    “I will waste my prayers in the hope that You are there”.

    The hidden faith of a loving agnostic. God hears all who call to him, even if they don’t realize they are praying.

    Caitlynnegrace, your Lenten reflections open new directions for our spirits to journey.

    Thank you.
    God’s Child


    1. Thank you for sharing this, God’s Child. I am humbled by this man’s pure and sacrificial love. That was his prayer to God, and I know it was received. I will pray for him and for his wife’s soul too.


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