LENT 7 ~ When No Mother Weeps


          Last night, I shared about my prayer call – to immerse lost and dying souls in the Tears of the Mother – with my husband. He listened in stillness and quiet.

          Then, he mused aloud: Who are the dying and lost souls?

          I was a wee bit puzzled. It wasn’t a new turn of phrase or idea. It wasn’t like he didn’t know. It had been something we had talked about many times. I asked him to clarify, but again, looking intently at me, he repeated,

          Who are the dying and lost souls?

          Puzzlement deepening, I trotted out a ready explanation.

          Once more he pushed, Who are the dying and lost souls you are being asked to pray for?

          Then it struck me. My husband wasn’t asking to know. Someone was prompting through him.

          Two buds quietly burst open in my mind:

          The lost and the dying.

          Tears of the Mother.

          An unseen Hand gently knit the two buds together ~ I was being asked to pray specifically for the lost and dying souls who have mothers who are oblivious or indifferent to their children’s downward spiritual spiral. Those who have mothers, but who are yet, motherless.

          My Lent call was to immerse the lost and the dying souls for whom no mother weeps, into the Tears of the Heavenly Mother, for therein lies a hidden power beyond imagination.



  1. I pray that you do stay the course…the way of the cross…and that your call will become our call to plead for those motherless souls to find their true Mother weeping for them at the foot of their own unseen crucifixion. Let there be a “resurrection” for each one. I know them…I am them.
    God’s Child


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