A fat jasmine bush lives contentedly by our window, and this crisp blue morning, it was laden with pure white pearls. Tendrils of its perfume circled me playfully in gentle invitation. I thought I read the floral note right, but as I proceeded to fill a bowl with the pert white blooms, two words ribboned by softly,

Console Me

          I paused for a second. The First Saturday Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary prayer of reparation had been recited in the morning, but I had wished then that I could have offered Mother more, given Her something from my heart.


Console Me

          The bush and its cream jewels waited expectantly. Only then, did I understand the invitation I had sensed.

          And so I tried. With every wee flower I picked, I made a small prayer offering to the Immaculate Heart.

For lost souls,

For grieving mothers, grieving fathers,

Those left behind after crashes, accidents, left to weep and mourn,

For Parkinson’s sufferers, Dementia, Alzheimers,

For old people, loneliness, sadness, fear,

Breast cancer sufferers, all cancer sufferers,

For Eva,


Sick children,

Worried parents…..

          With every cream white that went to its repose in my bowl, a small quicksilver prayer was sent to the Mother of Angels. The wildgreen bush had bequeathed its prayer pearls for her Queen this day, but in peaceful anticipation, are many more prayer buds to crown the Queen in Blue, in days to come.




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