Coloring Life In

I made the first cake of the year 3 days ago. A hurried slap-melt-stir-slam kind of cake. A butter cake with cocoa added to it to make it a chocolate cake which might bring frowns to blue ribbon baker brows. But it turned out to be a nice cake. Not roll-on-the-ground-to-die-for kind of a cake but pretty lovely all the same. And the fact that it took all of 60 minutes to mix up and to bake just as the sun went to its rest, makes it my go-to recipe from now on.

It’s things like this that make my day, and leave me with enough energy for other chores. Cakes and bakes that don’t strictly follow cookbook rules are very tempting for me. The allure for me is the something of mischief in them, one step skipped here, another rule broken there.

And life should be like that sometimes. A life lived or pursued in blacks and whites and the occasional greys can get monotonous. Everyone should try adding bright hues of spontaneity and experiments from time to time into their lives or we’d run the risk of going into our sunset years not having lived life at all.

And that would be so sad: to reach the winding down of life’s pulses only to regret lost chances, golden opportunities passed up in favor of dull, plodding meaningless adherence to rigid rules that never actually did us or anyone else much good.

So, splash some pink and vermillion into your days. They needn’t be screaming loud acts of rebellion; they can as easily be that diversion along your daily work route.

Or that steaming hot cup of coffee you have never stopped for all your years heading to the office.

rose1Color in your life can be pausing to bless yourself with the mysterious perfume of roses that frame your doorway.

It can be that extra hug for your spouse and children when you’re running late for work.

images63M23LRLOr that 2 minutes of gazing at orange-rose clouds in the early morning sky.

Or the book of old poems enjoyed on a

Color in your life is all that is tender and beautiful but which gets left on the sidelines when we’re so in a hurry to get ahead.

Bring that color back.


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