Guns In France

There’s a sorrow in France today. A mourning for a loss of life, love, peace, freedom and trust. Some of the world mourns with France; some do not and never will. The country must feel betrayed on this cold morning. Betrayal over trust, a home and citizenship extended but a payback of gunfire, blood and sorrow received.

France opened her borders and her heart to those who fled the darkness of war, uncertainty and death in their original countries. She made space, she made welcome those who fled the guns that brought pain to them. She gave them hope and peace that they could live in homes with open doors and not fear guns anymore.

These who came from countries beyond, paid back the French with bullets and sorrow. Their years in their adopted country taught them nothing about respect and tolerance or even about peace. They forgot that it was they who fled bullets and sorrow. They forgot what they ran away from. They took for granted all they had in their new life, their 2nd chance to live in hope again. They chose to bring the guns into France, to end lives of those perceived to be mocking them. They chose the very weapons they ran away from, to put across their point: Do Not Satirize My Religion.

Have they won, these who brought guns into the Paris magazine offices?

They will if we too choose guns to remind them of their deed.

Guns was their answer, their solution.

It must not be ours.

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