I heard the news that a harried and stressed parent forgot to drop off his 3 year old at the daycare. He drove to work, parked the car with the sleeping child in the back, windows up. He returned 9 hours later to a baby long gone.

Today, the only prayer I can pray for the grieving parents and family is that the angels be by their side. Only heaven can help them move from this day of sorrow. The grief and loss will never go away. No amount of work or running away can put enough distance between a grieving parent and a loss. Coping with loss means taking that pain with you and letting that pain mould you.

So, where do I place Thanksgiving in this? I give thanks today to God Almighty for guiding me to counsel and giving me the courage I needed to break away from my abusive parents. Had I not done so, that baby in the backseat could have been mine. It is something I came very, very close to. And knowing this gives me thankful relief that God gave me another chance to love my own children.



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