Advent 2013

This year, I wanted Advent to be different. I wanted to prepare for it. To be ready in my heart even if the house wasn’t magazine-standard beautiful.

I want so much to leave behind the meltdowns that have characterised Advents of years gone by – emotional crashes caused by distress over the season – fears over having to call home, fears of hearing the cold voices punishing me for not caring enough, fears of having to make lame excuses for not going home this Christmas. Fear fear fear.

This year, I finally left the prison of Emotional Parent Abuse. I’ve finally recognised what happened to me and I’ve taken the important steps to leave this darkness, to break free of it, to not inflict it upon others close to me. and to deal with the repercussions of breaking away from my abusers – my parents.

And I’ve come alive, finally.



  1. I’m backtracking, reading your blog. This particular post is so familiar to me, as I was emotionally abused by my mother, who allowed the abuse to channel through to my relentless brothers. When I finally withdrew from that family, I found peace.


    1. I guess not all family lives are rooted in the Light. When we have done all we can, and if it’s not getting better, then we have every right to ask ourselves if we are meant to remain in the dark.
      I’m glad you found peace. So very glad.

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